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The Problem

We all know the persistent and growing problems that spam and malware present to businesses and the marketplace. The risks include system load burdens, virus and worm infections, phishing attacks, breeches in customer data protection, legal issues with employees and inappropriate email content, to mention a few.

Spam management presents significant business challenges for organisations today.

  1. Human Resources Challenges: It is nearly impossible to keep in pace with ever-changing IT threats, and to keep hardware and software combinations up-to-date and properly maintained throughout the network.
  2. Financial Resources Challenges: It is difficult to justify the expenditures to put a leading edge hardware appliance in place, along with software, as well as to install, manage and upgrade on a periodic basis.

To successfully combat these challenges, many organisations today, are turning to managed service experts. The outcome includes better spam reduction results, along with critical time and budget savings.

LastSpam Service Model vs. Locally Installed Solution

Significant time, money and resources can be saved when LastSpam manages this layer of protection for you, before email traffic even enters your system. Consider the following.

  LastSpam Typical locally-installed solution for 200-user network
$1399 (USD)
Training & Certification
Costs vary
Incremental Software Licenses
Costs vary
Local Storage
Maintenance & Uptime
$300 / year (USD)
Reduction of bandwidth usage

High end quality service without the need to buy any extra support contract

  • We offer free 24/7 emergency phone numbers access for the US , Canada and the UK .
  • Emergency call back service is present in case your mail server becomes unavailable. This means, we'll call you to let you know there is a problem with your server.
  • With our email disaster service, we will spool your email for a period of 5 days if your mail server become unavailable.
  • LastSpam offers you rock-solid infrastructure, hosted at three different physical sites with three different ISP links. In our three years of operations, our customers have never experienced downtime or planned maintenance that affected their email flow.
  • We will bring you smooth access to our specialists, who value customers of all sizes, and will talk with you in the mode you prefer: by telephone, VOIP, Chat, Skype, MSN, etc.

Try it out

To test the service and see the results directly, just visit the free trial section and we'll set you up with a free 30-day trial.

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