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An overview on LastSpam infrastructure
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Technology - How it works
LastSpam Schema of procedure How does LastSpam works ?
Someone sends you an email
Mail is verified by LastSpam
Mail is returned to you.
  Protect your organization's bandwidth with our rock solid infrastructure.

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Technical details

Our inbound filtering uses a combination of technologies to provide superior performance. Outbound filtering is optional. For customers concerned with email confidentiality, email encryption functionality is available, without the need to install any PKI or other complicated technology at your end.

Bandwidth protection is included in our service.

Antivirus protection is built into our service, using a combination of 3 virus scanning technologies, including the Norman Scanning Engine ( ), which is used by Microsoft. And our advanced extension and file type filtering further protects your network from dangerous attachments, even if the extension is renamed. This can be customized according to your organizational policies.

Our spam protection defends against all types of spam, with a sustained 99% performance rate. Phishing attacks are blocked, in addition to dangerous email content, scripts or malicious URLs.


LastSpam Report example   LastSpam Control Center example

We offer you access to several report templates, and it is also easy for you to customize your own.  Our management interface makes it quick and easy for administrators and management to see snapshot visuals of your email program. And our web management interface allows you to make changes to our service with ease. Whitelist, blacklist and quarantine access is easily done by administrators without even needing to access the management interface.

How to try LastSpam (10 minutes to setup)

When we set you up as a new customer, here's what we will ask you to do.

  • Just tell us the names of the domains you want us to protect.
  • Answer the test email we send you.
  • And your technical personnel or supplier will perform a one-time DNS modification (to your MX Record), so that your inbound email traffic will transit through LastSpam to be cleaned before reaching your mail server.

It's as simple as that. And our 30-day trials are free!

Please note that it is not necessary to disable your current antispam protection to do a test trial of the LastSpam service. And further, your email can be routed back to your email server(s) in just ten minutes, to discontinue your trial.


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