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Testimonials Overview
Testimonials Overview

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Testimonials - What do our customers think about us

Here's what our partners are saying...

Télénet Informatique
“In today’s marketplace, it is hard to find a vendor that is a true partner.  LastSpam is that partner! The LastSpam team collaborates with us on business development activities and shares leads with us.  Their partnership and rock solid technology give us everything we need to be successful.”
Yves Hebert, Quebec

Protek Systems
“Happy customers…fair margins…and easy to manage!  What more can we ask for?  LastSpam is a pleasure to sell.”
Mike Verwolf, Ontario

“The service is superb.  As a new partner, we now have 65 domains and close to 800 mailboxes and zero complaints.  That’s unheard of!”
Rami El-Zein, Cyprus/Nigeria/United Arab Emirates

AOS Web-Com, Inc.
“It has always been a quick and simple process to set up LastSpam service for customers.  What’s even better about LastSpam is that their team actually listens and incorporates our feedback in their service model.  It’s rare to find a vendor that is truly a partner, like LastSpam.”
Scott Neuman, New Jersey

Weber Computer
“Simply stated, LastSpam performs very well.  We’ve seen an impressive reduction in spam and false positives, and the service includes virus protection.  It’s painless to set up and we don’t have to tinker with it every time a customer adds or eliminates an email address!"
Steve Weber, Minnesota  

Help U Compute
LastSpam enables us to earn renewal revenue at the same dealer cost as the original sale.  We’ve found their support team to be quickly responsive to our needs, and the customer set-up process is simple, with nothing to install!”
Jim Andric, California

AKADNYX SystemCare
We chose LastSpam to protect our customers...because it just plain works! It's easy for everybody and the results are the best we've experienced!”
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Here's what our customers are saying...

Aero Freight Company Limited 
"...We highly recommend LastSpam to any enterprise wanting to solve their eMail security problems..."

Ameublement Tanguay 
"The thing we love the most is the ease of communication with the LastSpam team, something we rarely see these days with large manufacturers..."

Brault & Martineau 
"...we were truly amazed to see to what extent their services were in fact simple, efficient, open and transparent..."

"...We can only encourage the adoption of the email security services offered by LastSpam..."

Cegep de Chicoutimi 
"...LastSpam was able to reach the around 99% efficiency they promised..."

Charton Hobbs 
"... it's so easy to set up and there are no modifications to be made at our end..."

City of Kirkland 
"...we were amazed to see how smooth and efficient their service is..."

CSDGS School District 
"...LastSpam was able to handle the load while not altering the legitimate e-mails coming in..."

"...LastSpam works flawlessly and retains several hundred pieces of spam daily while never blocking new senders..."

Kensington Temple London City Church 
"...Since we switched to LastSpam, we are getting NO Spam!..."

LGM, Laser Graphic Manufacturing  
"... the entire service (including email virus protection) is less expensive than are the updates, alone, for appliance-based solutions..."

"...It's truly amazing to see how devoted the team is at Lastspam..."

"...we have saved countless hours in productivity and in IT management; the solution has paid for itself in less than 30 days..."

Premier Auto Group Business Assistance 
"Since switching to Lastspam the most common question I get asked is, "Is our email server working?" Spam mail has been reduced to near zero."

Quebec Railway Corporation 
"...We were quite surprised to see how smooth it was to use their service..."

St-Hyacinthe School District  
"...LastSpam's team came in and helped us understanding this problem and remedied it..."

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