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Testimonials Overview
Testimonials Overview

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LGM, Laser Graphic Manufacturing

The Business Problem
At LGM, we researched and rolled out a top-line SPAM software product that we managed
in-house. We found that we were spending way too much time managing updates and
rules, and directing traffic. It became an obstacle to our productivity as a small business.

The LastSpam Solution
Just as we were preparing to invest in a new appliance and dedicate even more time for
installation, we learned about LastSpam.

Because LastSpam runs as a service, all we had to do was make one simple change to
have our email traffic run through LastSpam’s filters. It didn’t even take a minute.
LastSpam service was virtually seamless to set up, and we’ve had no need for technical
support of any kind. We’ve not had a single false positive.

With LastSpam’s monthly payment plan, the entire service (including email virus protection)
is less expensive than are the updates, alone, for appliance-based solutions. And what’s
more, for billing, LastSpam counts humans – not administrative accounts – and that makes
a big difference for a small business in today’s marketplace.

Simply stated, our investment in LastSpam is bringing us higher-performing SPAM and email
security, while saving us time and money.

Charles Overy
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