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Testimonials Overview
Testimonials Overview

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Camo-route inc.

In 2006, no company can do without the Internet because it is the quickest and most efficient way to communicate. However, as you are no doubt aware, more and more unwanted emails (spam and viruses) are making their way in the network and creating havoc in so many organisations’ daily operations.

Our organisation had the opportunity to learn about LastSpam and since then it would be unthinkable to ignore  this service as it has become indispensable. Even though the amount of spam we receive represents over 85% of our total email volume, only very rarely does it happen that spam reaches our personnel’s mailboxes and cause a nuisance. You can just imagine the time we save by working on real issues instead of wasting our time managing undesirable or dangerous emails, of which there are unfortunately more and more.

We can only encourage the adoption of the email security services offered by LastSpam, a team of seasoned professionals devoted to serving their customers well, something which really makes a difference.

Diane Chamberland, Company Comptroller
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Camo-Route inc.

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