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Testimonials Overview
Testimonials Overview

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Premier Auto Group Business Assistance

II would just like to thank the staff at Lastspam for their amazing service. I represent 6 automotive dealerships in London Ontario. Prior to seeking a spam filtering system our staff would receive in access of 100 spam emails daily. As we have close to 200 staff the lost productivity was measurable. Virus infected emails also amounted to thousands of dollars a year in IT services.

Approximately one year ago we hired a service to filer our email. It was a great improvement reducing our spam mail to about 40 a day per staff member. Viruses were greatly reduced but continued.

Recently we switched our spam filtering to Lastspam. Wow, what a difference. Since switching to Lastspam the most common question I get asked is, "Is our email server working?" Spam mail has been reduced to near zero. I've actually sent myself email just to ensure our mail server is working. Viruses, much to my relief, seems a thing of the past.

False positives were also another significant problem with our prior filtering system. Since switching to Lastspam our dealerships have had a combined total of 1, that's right one, false positive.

Thanks so much Lastspam! I am now again able to focus on network and system maintenance and not viruses and malware. Keep up the GREAT work!

Jeff DesRosiers
Premier Auto Group Business Assistance
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