Your digital footprint VS risks to be hacked and receive more SPAMS.

The more active on the internet you are , using your work email address everywhere, the more chances to be hacked or receive SPAM you’ll have.

Hackers and spammers have very sophisticated mechanisms allowing them to get our email addresses from every imaginable sources / everywhere!

Everywhere? Let me explain myself :

Classified Ads sites, when you participate in forums, your comments to any publications / surveys / contests, virtual birthday cards sites, dating sites, distribution lists / newsletters, username/login using your corporate eMail and even personal or professional emails you’re sending to people.

Examples :

– Your friend or customer’s PC is being hacked, your email will now be part of SPAMMERS / HACKERS inventory! Even worst, they could decide to monitor for a while, your email exchange to eventually send you something personalized (using your customer or friend identity) allowing them to hack your PC.

– one of the sites you often use is being hacked. Your name, email and other info are now part of the hacker’s inventory.

Our recommendations to IT and Network admins :

Ask your users to stop using their corporate email address to register on websites, commenting posts,  for personal use and if to stop using their corporate eMail address for personal email communications.

We know it’s « a lot to ask » but, the more flexible you are, the more chances you have to be targeted by hackers.

Also : Do not publish email addresses in clear text on your web sites. Use this service to know if your eMail is accessible easily to hackers


– an experienced hacker notice that your secretary is very active on a forum or contest site. He then find on Facebook what she likes (contest to win a prize). After profiling her, the hacker will send a personalized email : jokes, birthday cards, contest from a FAKE (pishing attack) web site she knows.

Then your sectary / assistant click the card or link and BOOM, the hackers is in your network. All that made possible because of your assistant that was very active on the internet using her WORK email address.

Will the hacker simply get more eMail addresses from your servers and workstation or encrypt all your data asking for money ( ransomware )

You don’t want to know…

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